Vacation Bible Adventure

A Multi-Generational

Explore the Underground Church in Rome! 

All Roads Lead to Rome!

This summer’s Vacation Bible Adventure is sure to be a blast! Kids, adults, families and individuals are invited to “journey” together to Rome for four evenings, Sunday July30 through Wednesday August 2 from 6 – 8 pm. This adventure is free of charge, but registration is greatly appreciated. 

Fun for everyone

The Intergenerational Adventure “Journey to Rome—Paul and the Underground Church” lets you step back in time to ancient Rome and the early days of the Christian church. There, families, individuals, and people of all ages will explore the life of Paul and the early Christians, at a time when the church was forced to be an underground movement. Come meet the Apostle Paul and early Christians as they try to survive and share the Good News.  Costumes and props – some courtesy of NCCT Theatre – will help set the stage, so all you have to bring is the fun!

What do We do at VBA?

Each evening, we will participate in a memorable Bible-times experience, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, dig in to Roman snacks, visit Paul while he’s under house arrest, and visit marketplace shops where you to create items to take home. We’ll have toga-making and fun activities (but no gladiator fights allowed!). Each evening begins and ends with Extollo—a time of upbeat singing that gets everyone involved. Kids and adults at Rome will join nearly a million participants in Operation Kid-to-Kid, a project to help provide clean water to people in Peru. With this service opportunity, your donations will change the lives of other families across the globe by helping provide them with safe drinking water.

Our Journey to Rome promises to be a wonderful time for families, a time for service and learning, and a great way to get to know new friends better. Invite your neighbors and come see why VBA is a favorite event each year!  

Ready to Head to Rome?

Call the church office at (603) 448-5478 Tuesday through Friday 9 am – 1 pm for more information, or to register by phone.  See you in Rome! 


Last year's VBA took us to Egypt!